As A.L.L is improving her english, Mozzie and I have little to joke about in car on the way back after class.

As the last assignment for her module is finally done, we regained the mood to come up with our own crapssignment.

Then out of the pink we started this expressive alphabets thingie.

It is a A-Z reference list to cheese up our conversation.

In case you are the expressionless kind, we have some “expressions” you can use (royalty free) “dengan penuh emosinya”.

These are our exclusive FUAE (Frequently Used Audibles + Emoticons). (Emoticons are to be shown on the face of the speaker.)

A = Ahem…/ Apa tu?
B = Boo…/ Blurdie Hiao/ Blek!
C = CHEESE IT!/ Checkeedout
D = Duuuuuuuuuuuh!
E = Eeeeew…
F = Fuh-ine…
G = gugugagagigi
H = Huh?!??!
I = I see i see…/ izzit….
J = Jom/ Jah
K = Ki Siao ah you?
L = Lalalalalala (Happy Tree Friend’s theme song)
M = Muahahhahahaha!!!
N = Nah…
O = Ouch!!/ Omicheese!
P = Puh-leeeeeese
Q = QT
S = Shitto!/ Siao ah lu??/ Spankiu/ SpenQ
T = Tata…/Toing
U = Uh huh./ Ummmm
V = Vart???????
W = Wei!
X = X you…
Y = Yuckss!/ Yup/ Yipee!/ Yay!/ Yiiah/ Ya lah!/ Ya hor…
Z = ZzzzZzzzZzZZZZZ………..