I think I am using my brain too much that it is now not functioning properly. So is Mozzie I guess. This few days I got so absorbed in doing my Spirie interactie (Spirited Away interactive cd) that I even sacrificed my blogging time.

Boy was the advertising test easy, cuz Mozzie and I just copycatted throughout the entire test. While busy copycatting I heard “cheeseeeeee” (okay, it was shhsss) and it was Emmentalizabeth calling me. The next thing I knew was a small piece of folded paper thrown sneakily at me.

I picked up, unfolded and read. And was delighted by the first line:

“Ringo you are beautiful.”

And the second line read:

“Do you know the answer for the “adese” question?”


Oh, I couldn’t exactly roll on the floor laughing cuz it was in the classroom, maybe only LOT/CL (Lie on table/chair laughing).

I should have replied “Thank you very much but you should have studied harder. =) “ but i am not that mean. Hehe…

But anyways… People around me and Mozzie just reminded us that we really need a break from overusing my brain cells, before they are all worn-out.

Case 1:
LUCY Art Shop

Mozzie and I queuing impatiently waiting for the expressionless art shop worker to comb-bind our redone A.L.L. assignment. Finally it was her turn but she got the middle part of her assignment up-side down so the whole thing was spoilt. Much to her disbelief (that it actually happened cuz she had already double-check it before handing it to Mr. Expressionless), she whined she will have to retype and reprint the spoilt part. What a hassle. And we just spent like a whole hour for the editing in the comp lab. I was upset too there was nothing much I could help her do, not like I can print paper using my mouth. Hmm… the most I could do was probably buy her a nice fakkacinno, oops, I mean, chocolate mint blended from Wing’s Bucks to cool her down.

Well, until the Mr Expressionless uttered something like “go photocopy and bring it back to me”, we felt a big hammer knocking on our heads.

Why didn’t we even think of that? Its funny to see how our brains refuse to think the simplest way when it’s overworked. All came through our minds were “Oh shiat, gotta retype (cuz Mozzie didn’t save the file) and reprint it again”.

We are lucky that Mr Expressionless is not Mr Speechless, or else our brains would still make us spend another hour to get that cheesed thing done instead of 5 mins.

Case 2:
Comp Lab with new eMacs

Michi: So how, u guys gotta pass me the notes tomorrow so I can start.

Mozzie+Cheesie: (in chord) Bart we harf no class tomorrow!

Presentation is Thursday, so we would have to get everything done for Michi latest by tomorrow. But travel 90km to college when there’s no class? Erm…

Well, until Michi uttered something like “erm.. Email?”, once again I felt a 20 pounds emmentaler striking my head.

Okay, enough. Thou shalt rest, dear brain.