C-food Chowder

Main ingredients:
Cornflakes (internal), Chess nuts, sprinkled with “Caffein intolerance” herbs.

Okay, it is not fun to play with your caffein intolerance, I’ve learnt.

The first time was 2 cups of chamomile with Annie. And how wrong was I to think that chamomile aids one’s sleep. At least it doesn’t work for me. So I had a battle with insomnia that day.

2nd time. A cup of Café Mocha (summore it’s a SHORT one) with Mozzie in Bintang Ringgits (the Malaysian version of Starbucks) sent me to the Hiao of Insomnia again.

I was having an internal cornflakes, I mean, conflict with myself last night.
This is what Ms CheesieWants2Sleep (CW2S) argued with Ms AntiCheesieWants2Sleep (ACW2S).

CW2S: Go to sleep now!

ACW2S: But I im feeling so hyped up now.

CW2S: What time do you think it is now??? (Points to the clock) 4.30 in the morning!

ACW2S: Well, if you cant beat me, join me! I’m going to switch on the computer and blog.

CW2S: Are you nuts?!?!?!?

ACW2S: Oh, you mean, cheeses!?

CW2S: ……………………..

ACW2S: Let’s get up and have some cheesy stuff. I promise I’ll make you look like an adorable panda tomorrow k!

CW2S: (sighs in speechlessness, and raises white flag.)

Oh, did I mention I had a chessful day with Mozzie yesterday? (No it is not a typo. I meant CHESSFUL.)

Mozzie had an uncontrollable craving for a cuppa in Bintang Ringgits when we walked pass it. And the aroma of toasted coffee bean tempted her to walk in. So considering a short café wouldn’t hurt (which was a terribly wrong idea), we sat down and had chess. Coffee and chess. I was mated (checkmated that is) like, everytime. But fine cuz this is my very first attempt to touch a set of chess after all.

Okay, what are u laughing at now?

Well, that’s because before that I didn’t know chess and cheese are kith and kin lar!

Oh, BTW, i DO look like a panda now.