“NOW U HAVE, NOW U DONT” is used best to describe our JRN210 Media Law module.
(Same goes to the “NOW U HEAR, NOW U DONT” Yahoo audibles.)

Mr EetMeansYiiah told us class had been moved to Saturday morning.

It means, yiah, i have to sacrifice my dance class Saturday morning to attend class.

But it’s okay cuz it means, yiah, Monday will have no class so i can still stay a day longer in Seremban. Mommy misses me!

Then, came Mr Jackyn Victor.. Oops, Justin i mean, who called Mozzie and spread the “Saturday’s class has been cancelled” news. Friends even posted bulletin on Friendster telling every one who is in Media Law class.

Now, Mr EetMeansYiiah called again and say Saturday (tomorrow) class is on.

It means, yiah, my plan to go back and have dinner with ichigo tonight is screwed up.

It also means, yiah, i have to stop typing now because the Freedom of Speech essay for JRN210 is due tomolo.