We had a crapsentation (again, which I don’t even feel like talking about) in A.L.L’s class today.

She was cheesed off by most of the groups’ presentations and everybody too was cheesed off by her rude remarks and heartless comments.

A.L.L. was busy trying to pick on every little thing she could about the presentations; presenters were busy circumventing any chance that would possibly pull A.L.L.’s What-Are-You-Talkng-About Trigger; and the whole class was busy praying that the ordeal would end a second earlier.

I was busy trying to count the times she said the folowing sentences:

1. “How many times must I tell (she has improved her ALLanguage) you?!?”
2. “WWWWhat are you talking about?!?!?”
3. “I am so blur about what you are presenting!”
4. “Don’t try to argue with me because I understood the topic very well!”

Erm, does that mean she doesn’t understand the topic NOW?

But anyways, I lost count. I would probably need a calculator to do the sum because my math sucks.

We’ve got the jitters not only when we were presenting, but seeing others present too. Prince was one of the victim of A.L.L.’s WAYTA Trigger.

He talked about something which A.L.L. deemed was out of the topic.

And she asked: “So what is the role of the media then?”
Prince: “It is……”
A.L.L.: “What?”
Prince: “It……”
A.L.L: “What?”
Prince: “……”
A.L.L.: “What? What? What? What?”

Poor Prince. Before he could even explain his point, he got shot by the WAYTA bullets 4 times in a row. Sigh……

Mozzie and I decided to escape from this WAYTA prison. That’s it, we’re outta here.

However, we couldn’t help but were so engrossed in discussing about A.L.L.’s mind. Yes, her mind.

“She claims she has a open mind. But look at the way she disapproves everyone’s opinion by saying they are wrong and defensive. I think she is very narrow-minded.”

“Narrow? That’s not even narrow. She has a closed mind!”

“Wait.. A closed mind can still be opened. Let’s see, I guess she has a locked mind…”

So the discussion went on. Before fetching Parmie, we finally came up with a conclusion:

A.L.L’s mind is locked with booby traps(whoever tries to open it will get shot), is password protected (no matter how many times you try), IP bound (automatically records whoever attempts to attack), and most SAI LEI-ly, hacker-proof (it’s so solid and adamant no one could ever gain access to it and alter the content.)

And I will end my crapsentation now. Cheese you very much.