I didn’t know online Tarot reading also can be this chun.

Aki recommended this site. It is the same as normal Tarot cards, just you shuffle it electronically (?!) and click the cards instead of flipping them over. Of course, you have to concentrate too.

Holy strawberry.

I did my first reading and it was excheesingly chun. Few weeks later I did a second reading regarding another issue and it was absocheesinglutely chun.

Ok don’t listen to me. I was so amazed by its chunness I asked everyone to try it. So let’s see what other people say ok.

Interview with Porkie:

Cheesie: so what do you think of the reading? Chun right?
Porkie: tell me bout it!!! *shocked emo*

Interview with PCW:

Cheesie: So how do you rate the chunness of your reading?
PCW: Freaky chun!

Interview with JY:

Cheesie: *before she asks anything*
JY: bloody hell!!
JY: *faints*
Cheesie: Chun right chun right? *smug*
JY: As chun as you!

LOL. *blushes*

Why not you go try and tell me what you think?

Cheese here

Mozzie just did the test and she rates the chunness 8/10
Mind you, she is damn stingy in rating.