Time for some long-time-no-cheese food review.

La Manila (TTDI)

La Manila Fried Rice

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The La Manila fried rice got me completely hooked the first time I tried it in Mid Valley with Mozzie. I rated it the 3rd best fried rice I’ve ever eaten. It has got so much eggs. Eggs shreds in the rice, plus another fried egg! Eggilicious! Jewel’s gonna love it!

Mozzie’s Fried Kuey Teow was exceptionally delicious too. What’s more, even the cincau was so much better than Yeo’s, Season’s… whatever brand you can name.


I have to say, this fried rice here is so disappointing. Is the chef in TTDI branch having PMS or what? Why is the quality so not up to par? The keropok was soggy and the rice was too ajinomotoful.

Therefore, I didn’t really bother to try the Fried Kuey teow.

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But of cheese, you can try and let me know. Thank you.

Paddington House of Pancakes

So silly of me to think pancakes are for breakfast/dessert.

So wrong!

There are so so so many varieties of pancakes, big one, small one, flat one, thick one, soft one, hard one, doughy one, fluffy one, round one, square one, dollar-shaped one, crepe-like one, waffle-like one, sweet one, savory one, American one, British one, cheesy one, non-cheesy one… Ok enough. Too much.

Whoa, I need a whole month to finish tasting each and every one of them.

Someone should have enlightened my ignorance of pancakes earlier so I can start my pancake marathon sooner. LOL

Traditional honey stacks
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Plain pancake with honey and melting butter. Simple and sweet. =)
Oh, lovely blueberry garnish by the way. =D

Savory American Pancake Stacks
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Fluffy pancakes with double gourmet cheese sausages, beef salami, hash brown & grilled mozzarella, served with brown sauce.

Whoa…The melted cheese was eagerly oozing out with every bite on the sausages. Oh so abso-cheesing-lutely cheesy!!

Paddington Style Buckwheat Galettes (gah-let)
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For the Galettes, there’re more than 10 varieties and each of them represents a city.

Mine was Brussels.

It is a buckwheat crepe with cheesy beef bacon, mozzarella cheese, sunny-side-up, bake beans and guacamole served with little side salad. Healthy!

Eh, I don’t see no sprouts though. Hehe.

It is so breakfasty! Jewel is gonna love this too. You, egg freak!
Ok I mean we, egg freaks!

And finally…

Hot Choc
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My must-order item in a new café.

Well, tasted decent enough but seemed like the cocoa powder was not very well dissolved. However, love the little marshmallows. =)

I’m so going back to Paddington, along with the Stellars, cuz we decided to make every Wed the Egg Day, Thursday the Cheese Day and Friday the Egg and Cheese Day. LOL.