This anonymous friend of mine wrote me this email after seeing the arrrgly maxis ad. Pretty interesting I decided to give it some publicity.

Ok that sounds big-headed. Let’s put it this way. I had the honor to have him granted me permission to re-produce his mastercheese!

Let’s see what PCW (well, he preferred to be nicked Prince-Charming-Wannabe) has got to say about, well, Prince-Charming-Wannabes.

u probably ask why bellboy must look handsome

very simple…because they r actually not bellboy at all

u see all prince charming or prince charming wannabe will surely like to get near to the princess in the most romantic way… pretending to be a bellboy or a errand boy, would be the best way to be near the princess and serve her.

in this case there are 3 prince charming wannabe fighting for the same post.
rules no.3 for all prince charming wannabe….pretend to be a servent to serve your beloved princess.



rules no.1…… be a prince
rules no.2…….be charming

make sense right?…LOL

*edits cheesie*:

Well, makes sense of course! But there’re only so many princes out there and not ALL of them are charming. What if they are like the brother of that Princess Tengku Mimi college mate of yours?

Therefore, as long as you have something flavorful to add to your resume, it will do good. For example, “Mr-I-Can-Bake-You-Tiramisu-On-Your-Birthday 2005” title.

Oh, speaking of that, kindly allow me to go OT a lil. I do know a prince and there’s something I would like to say.

Dear Prince,

I know I left you out in my dedication list. Sorry =(.
But tadaa… Here I am, writing you a (not-so) formal letter. (Hope it’s not too late).

I’ve known you for so long but we hardly ever meet cuz we seem to be forever busy with our stuff. Didn’t know you are the one who did the deco and everything, surprised surprised! Were you the one who came up with the whole idea too? Cuz I don’t think Jeffrey is that brilliant. Haha.

Anyway, thanks for all the useful advice, health tips and cheese info. Oh yea, and good luck to your thesis on Spirulina! Gambatte!

Yours cheesily,

P/S: If you ever change your mind and want to write bout cheese instead of spirulina, I might be of great help. *winks*.

Ok now, stay cheesed for Prince Charming Rules (pun intended) Part II.