Game closed. Answers will be revealed in this post.

Thanx for the feedback peeps, at least I know there’s actually someone reading my blog.

I’ve got a lot of different answers to the first mysterious ice cream flavor. Most of you guessed it was wasabi or pandan. Some said apple. I even got seaweed, soursop, pear, alovera, green capsicum(raw!), spirulina, rock melon (erm, that’s orange no?), honey dew, kiwi, and ginko (?!).

Guess what? Wrong!

The second mysterious flavor was easy enough, most of you got it correct. On the other hand, the third mysterious cake flavor was kind of a trick question, so my bad, no one get even remotely close to the answer.
Therefore, only the first question counts. And I shall announce the winner now.


Applause, everybody!

His guesses turned out to be spot-on. Both the flavors. Actually he wasn’t even guessing. He analyzed–“Only that particular fruit can yield such a special color to that ice cream”. Kudos, Prince. I’m so proud of you. Your few years of studies have indeed made you the greatest food scientist. Come claim your prize, my dear. And I continue to wish you luck on your Spirulina thesis.

Actually, there’s another winner who got the first answer correct too, after like, 10 failed attempts. But there’s a prize for you too, Lawrence. Hehe.

Those who didn’t manage to make it, read more and more importantly, eat more.

If you haven’t given up, and wanna keep guessing, go ahead and scroll down to my previous post. But whoever made a deal with me, it’s officially closed. Better luck next time. *winks*

Answers are here .