While mom continues to improve her fast health food culinary skill, Aunty Susan is excited about her new found dessert making talent.

Our kitchen now has a fancy new gadget—the ice cream maker.

All you need is some skimmed milk, whipping cream (any difference from whipped cream?) and the ingredient(s) for your desired flavor, (and sugar, if u have a sweet tooth, or salt, if you are, you know, hamsup.) and voila. All ready to serve.

The problem is, the whole family got a little carried away by this CNY novelty. Chocolate and vanilla became as boring as Britney Spear’s songs. So they started getting a little too innovative. So, before long we’re eating banana, durian, and peanut butter ice cream.

And their next target is and ciku (what do you call it in English by the way?) ice cream.


What’s next? Onion?


Anycheese. I was blogging in my room this morning and Susan shouted for me like how the pom-pom obaasan shouted for Daniel during his mini concert.

“Come and try this you must!” she ordered.

Ok so I ran into the kitchen with her, and I saw:

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Image hosting by Photobucket

Holy!! It’s XXX ice cream!!

Apparently Susan’s creativity has gone a little too wild.

Little Monster was eager to try that thingie out.

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Image hosting by Photobucket

To leave you hanging on the cliff for awhile, I’m not telling you what it is (Na na na na na na, bleh). The only clue you get is that it’s green (duh). And you have NEVER eaten anything like this before. I swear.

No it’s not green tea. Not lime. Not mint either. And heck you don’t eat cucumber ice cream, yucks!!

It’s something I love. But when I told Mozzie I ate XXX ice cream, she went ewwwish anyway.

*rolls eyes*

It’s good for you, girlie. Not to mention yummy too.

Now check out the next mysterious ice cream.

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What is that? You’re welcome to be my guest and try it for yourself.

Enough of ice cream. Now see what else Susan made to make herself proud?

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Answers will be reveal soon.

Stay cheesed. Meanwhile, guess all you can. A little reward for the wise ones.


P/S: No amount of coloring is used in the aboveshown delicacies. Susan is a Naturalist like mom.