Somehow I didn’t go for the enrollment after all because of some stupid reason. Bah.

I should be in LUCY now but end up typing here. And so I noticed I just am spending waaay to much time blogging.

Like, 4 times a day. Oh, actually 5.

But knowing that I wouldn’t be able to update as often as I do now, from next week onwards, I kind of like the idea of working my fingers, I mean nails (time for manicure) nonstop on the keyboard. I typed so much until I the left “Ctrl” key came off from the keyboard. Seriously. Like PCW said, maybe I control too much. LOL.

Ah who cares. I still have the right Ctrl key. *winks*

By the cheese just came across my result transcript for the previous semester. What a shit… sorry, sheet of eyesore. The result hasn’t gone from worst to worster, but just mediocre. And I hate to settle for mediocre anything. I began to suspect that I’m on the way moving to the end of the given quota of my (homo)sapience.

Just to demonstrate how much I dread college restarting, read the below stories.

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  • Or once and for all, Mozzie’s compilation of the excerpts from the Semester 5 Nightmares.