Alternative A:

  • A cherry blossom lighter and a bottle of Green Apple potion
    works instantly but very temporary.
  • Alternative B:

  • A looooong, hot bath with your choice of aromatic oil
    How long is long? When you see like 23 new MSN windows on your panel when you get back, you know it’s pretty long. 

    How hot is hot? When you can’t see yourself in the bathroom mirror you know it’s hot enough.

  • Btw, can someone please remind me to get a seriously good loofah?
    And a seriously-smells-nice bottle of scrub. Anything but seaweed thanx. I just ran out of bathsalt too.

    Speaking of which, i really salute those actors and actresses who do underwater shoots. How do they stay in the water so long and stare passionately into each other’s eyes in unspoken affection? I can’t even open my eyes for 2 sec without my googles. And i look like a mad cheese scientist with the goggles. 0_o