¤Stellar Evening¤

Date: 10th Feb 2006
Time: 7.30pm (depends on Jewel’s punctuality)
Venue: Café Café
Dress code: 40’s Vogue, (Think Pearl Harbour classic and Victorian laces, fully covered.) Dark Make-up.
Invited guests: All Stellar dolls and Stellar VIPs.

Friday was an important day for the Stellars. It was not only our new VIP doll Tiara Jasmine’s official Stellarization day, it was also the biggest Stellar get-together.

And I can’t think of a place better than Café Café, because if you are going in a group of more than ten, you can have the private lounge upstairs all to yourselves, so we decided to make this our Stellar private party.

Dazzie is the only doll who knows how to get there so we would all follow her car. Six thirty at arranged meet-up-point.

It was 7.00pm.

Dazzie was stuck in jam and Jewel was fashionably late, as USUAL. I had to pick up Angel Jac at her apartment, then Tiara at 1U, then Foxy Mandy at KDU yet I was still the earliest.

Speaking of Tiara, at first I thought she was a total carbon copy of Princess. Pink sweetness, LV madness, always wears a tiara (else why do you think she is nicked as such), until I chatted with her on MSN.

Tiara: So belle, what are u gonna wear for Stellar evening?
Babybelle: prolly a white long sleeve ruffle top and black pants. I will so look like a pianist. LOL.
Tiara: OMG. That’s what I’m gonna wear too!

Two days later.

Tiara: Hello Belle. Just to tell you I’ll be wearing a skirt. If not we’ll look like we wear the same outfit.
Babybelle: Tell you what. I was thinking about what exactly you were thinking.
Tiara: LOL.

Then the moment we met in 1U.

Tiara: OMG!
Babybelle: OMC!
Angel: *laughs* You dolls look just like twins.

Three of us: LOL.

Anycheese. Let’s get back to the story. While waiting for Dazzie and Jewel, Angel was doing her make up. Foxy was humming to Hitz. Tiara was on the phone and Babybelle was, well, bored.

Babybelle: Well actually, we shouldn’t waste the sunshine you know.
Angel and Foxy: *blank*
Tiara: *looks at Babybelle curiously*
Babybelle: Let’s take some pictures.
Tiara: *nods aggressively*
Babybelle: *murmurs to herself* Sunshine is precious…

Half an hour later, Dazzie reached. While continue waiting for Jewel…

Finally our so royal miss president was here.

We managed to make it before 8pm at Café Café. But problem again. Two dolls last minute FFKed (how expected), and we only had a group of eight. Apparently Café Café’s management are aware of this common problem and told me beforehand that if we have come in less than 10, we’ll have to dine down stairs and “that’s the deal”.

So how? Cannot let two FFKish dolls ruin our Stellarific eve right. So Miss President insisted it’s not a problem, because it’s impossible eight glam dolls can’t have a way around this.

And we made it. Stellars Power!!

The moment we got upstairs to the private lounge.

Holy Hayley!! And I thought downstairs was pretty enough.

Princess: OMG!!
Angel: Wow…
Jewelstar: Totally Stellarific!!
Tiara: Belle, what brilliant ideas you have!
Babybelle: *smug* You know what, we should make this our Stellar studio.

LOL. But serious. This place is just so stellar, we totally melt into the surrounding. With the Stellar dress code, it really made us the Café Café Chatelaines.

And everyone started asking each others where they got their tops from. Jewel’s from Singapore. Tiara’s mom got her the ruffle top from Hong Kong. I flew mine back from Taiwan. Peeps, don’t you just love traveling?

Angel amazed at the surrounding

After taking order, Jewel making her “speech”, self-intro to dolls we met first time, and before long everydoll was at every corner posing.

We really made ourselves at home. =)

We were so occupied until we forgot we had food. Jewel and Babybelle, as usual, were the biggest eater again. Full course dinner (while other Stellars only had a salad and a glass of wine). For Café Café Review, click here.

The Stellar Family-Foxy, Candy, Angel, Princess, Jewelstar, Babybelle, Dazzling & Tiara.

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Like I said. Great evening with great food, great ambience, great dress code, great poses, and most of all, great company.

==Shines the Stellars Bright==