I’m feeling kinda sick today. Maybe my new diet is talking its toll on me.

I’m kinda on this imaginary chalk diet recently you see. It makes me lose appetite, which is such an excheesingly strange (but wonderful) thing.

Mozzie almost fainted when i sniffed abit in the Snyder’s Cheddar Pretzel bag and gave it back to her intact–a bit like how Hutch in Wallace and Gromit responds to carrots after the vege-brainwash process.

But my new diet makes me HAPPY!

But then again there’s a price to pay you see. The side effects are not to be prayed prayed. I’m turning unusually nocturnal (and Albert Santoro strongly recommends me to go consult a noctor), dreadfully insomniac (i’m sleeping later and waking up earlier) and highly distracted (what did i just type?)

Oh yea. Most of all, it makes me look oafish!

Oh fish!

See, I’m not even talking like a sane cheese!

>_cheeserland o’clock. But hey, i found out something interesting–some travelling photos i’ve never published before.

Will post them up soon!

I really miss my Summer Sonata in Korea. =)