Cheeseflash. (May contain nuts… ooops I mean spoilers)

The Board of Ringoism has decided to make Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit a Ringoist’s must-watch.

It is the cheesiest, no, the word cheesy is ambiguous, lemmi rephrase. Ahem. It is the most cheeseful stop-motion picture to date. From the very beginning (the pictures on the wall featuring Wallace and his cheese) till the very end (Hutch jumps mid-air and exclaims “cheeeeeese”).

Camel-milk-cheese (sorry, he is yet to be officially cheesilized) was right. It is excheesingly hilarious, not to mention cheeseducational too.

You see, a cheesnius inventor like Wallace reads stuff like “Brie Encounter,” “East of Edam”, “Fromage to Eternity” and “Grated Expectations”. (allow me to borrow quotes from you Mr Camel , since I don’t have the dvd to refer back to).

And now you know how powerful cheese is. There will be an extra category for the FHC mag’s Best Cheese Award this year which is the Noble Cheese Prize, and I’m sure it belongs no nocheese else but the noble and omnipotent Stinkin Bishop, because it can cure a (nearly) dead werebit (sorry lazy to type) back to a very much alive huma… err… clayman?! Definitely a cheesy breakthrough in the medical field.

This film contains so damn many uber clever puns that you will never catch all of them (unless you watch the film 6 times) because the moment you are LOLing your buns off at a pun you are bound to miss several others. That many lo!

Let’s see. From “Anti-Pesto” at the beginning to the “toupee” joke to “someone’s arson around” to “It’s a veritable vegetable paradise” to “I just have a hunch” until the very last but classic “may contain nuts”. My cheese. ROFL.

Oh! Not forgetting the “I’m crakers about cheese” line. Simply Ringoistic.

My top 3 fav scenes:
1. When Philip takes out his little purse while Gromit is counting the coins, the whole theatre floor was full of people lolling around…… Just kidding. I’ve never heard such a roaring laughter in a looooong time.

2. The “may contain nuts” scene.

3. The piano scene in the church.

Other things I like about the film:
1. Endless humorous references to movie clichés such as the King Kong stunts. And I’m sure it is waaay more entertaining than the big budget King Kong itself. Definitely.

2. The silent dog Gromit. Sometimes you watch too many talking animals and you just wish they would shut up. Just look at how Gromit does his eye contact. Lovely.

3. Little details. This stop-motion picture might not be as refined and perfectly animated as Corpse Bride, but I just love how they leave some subtle fingerprints on Gromit’s and Wallace’s faces to show that claymationness. =)

My rating?

I gave Corpse Bride a seven. This is definitely better than Corpse Bride so I will give it an eight. I can’t help but sprinkle another two points on top of that for its cheesiness.

That will be like a… 10?


Well. That’s why it’s a must-watch for Ringoists.

Oh, just in case you wanna seek second opinion–here

It has been an excheesingly cheeseful day!!!

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A compilation of Spice girls, D.J. Quicksilver, Cherry (?!?) and some other cheesily-unrecognizable artists.

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My day hasn’t been so cheesy for a long time d.
Cheese you and love you Mozzie!!! Muah muah muah!! =D