I’m sorry I ignored you when you knocked on my door a million times.
I’m sorry I ignored you when you called me a million times.
I’m sorry I ignored you when you asked me to open the door for you.
I’m sorry I ignored whatever you said beyond the door (you can blame my itune being too loud but I kinda got the punishment for it already).
I’m sorry I ignored you when you slipped me notes under the door hoping that I will read it.

I was just being a stinky rotten oafish wally galah nana cheese who was
too busy crying her heart out.

I’m sorry. No amount of RM9 Evian water can compensate your dehydration
out of tear loss.

If there’s anything good out of so many silly things happening these days, it would be that I know you’ll always be there for me no matter what happens.

You’re the only one who can ever complete my unfinished sentences. I was completely stoned to speechlessness when you said“Don’t give me that i-want-to-be-alone shit”.

Damn it.

I don’t even have to open my mouth and you know what’s in my stinky little mind.

But the out-of-the-blankie hug really melted my heart. TOTALLY.

Just want to tell you that you deserve to be adored and loved so much. There’s absolutely nothing you are worse at than me (ok besides my PS skill maybe).

Look at one of my fav pix of you.

See, such a glutton and excheesingly gorgeous.

Cheesie totally loves Ching Ching.

I promise I will *try* not to cry over it now.