I supposed most of you have already read Keju Sia’s Of Cheese and Penguins or Albert’s Homecoming, Bloghopping before you stumbled upon this entry.

They have pretty much blogged about whatever i wanted to say. So i’m just gonna provide more photos!!!

If i am to sum up what i think about Jasiminne the Penguin in one sentence, it would be:

“The Penguin is so hot she sizzles!

How cool is that!

“Oh, The Penguin is so cool she freezes”.

Uh and of course, Keju Sia is uh, hot too (he was sweating profusely).

So yes.

One melting hot Keju and one sizzling hot Penguin. And one Stinkin’ Cheese.

The immediate camwhoring. Like two second after they met each other.

First there was this hair toss/flip thing.

Then the so kesian puppy face

Then suddenly!!

Whoa, want to fight izit! Ok put your horse..uh, kitty come!

Let’s take another view of the kittyfight from a different angle.

Then Keju said damn shiok he wanted to join the camwhoring also.

Apart from his Kennilicious Beerbelly pose, he also wanted to do the hair stunt.


But the best thing of the night is.

The chemistry between Penguin and Cheesie. Don’t pray pray.

I know you are jealous. How delicious was it?