Pun of the day:
Keju gave me a ciplug yesterday.

Does anyone ever get tired of reading a bimbo blog? Bigass pic bigass pic bigass pic bigass pic bigass pic and MOREEEEEE bigass pic. Trust me, you’ll sooner or later get tired of someone’s right face.

I would very much like to refrain myself from posting more bigcheese photos of myself. I should instead write about issues that can perhaps make the world a better place to live in. Issues like, say… (well, do my pictures still count?) the rising cost of gasoline or the cruelty and maltreatment at Abu Gharib Ghaib Grahib Ghraib prison in Iraq?

No no no no. I don’t want to be found dead in my bedroom due to brain overload.

Keju tried to write a bimbo blog. Why don’t i write a macho blog post then.

Well what can be more macho than men and cars?

Talking about cars, you automobically think of Paultan.org. Since the Penguin did a spoof post on Smash-a-loli-pop, i might as well pull a stunt on this manly man.

However. Just two seconds two minutes after reading his macho blog, i was convinced i’m a complete failure at attempting to write anything remotely macho.

Look at how i suck at car reviews.

This is a carshow in Jusco Seremban 2.

This car is, erm… cool.

This car is… well, hot.

This car is….. cheesy? =D

Oh look! Even the interior is… cheesy? Oh, Holy too.

What is a car show without, erm, chicks? Where are the chicks dressed in midriff baring tube tops and miniskirts and knee-length white boots????

Then i suddenly realized they were using a different approach in Seremban. Their model is (yes, *is*, not *are*) much shorter. Even if you are five feet nothing you can still nail a job easily.

As long as you can balance a balloon on your tongue.

It attracts just as much attention as boobies and sky high hemline!

Maybe they don’t have enough budget to hire hot chicks, maybe they think Seremban people are slightly pedo-prone.

But this little hunk really melted my heart leh. He was so cute can. I think i started to have a crush on him already.

I would rather give up *ahem* for three days just to be seen together with him in the same photograph!

Whoa check this out. Everyone in the mall started to get hypnotized by him.

sorry got typo. Please pretend you have dyslexia please. -__-

Oh by the way. I’m trying to look good on my left face. In case you haven’t noticed. =)