Exactly a month ago, i was celebrating my 22nd birthday together with Lyss (whose birthday falls 9 days before mine) and other girls in a restaurant downtown.

In case you are wondering why haven’t you seen me posting up any photos of my birthday party, let me fulfill half your curiosity. It was the suckiest birthday party ever in my life. It was in fact so sucky, my fingers actually hurt when i type this.

But i’m not gonna tell you what happened, because im selling the story to HBO. You are much welcome to cast for a role though, if they like my drama.

Having said that, there’re actually some very good photos taken on that day. I reckon it would be such a massive waste if those photos go unpublished. Plus i was wearing my new pinky eyeshadow. =)

Therefore peeps, be good. Just enjoy the photos, no question asked.

Oh yea. I actually don’t mind having a second birthday party one month belated. Care to plan one? Anyone? =)

P/S: Comments that attack any of the party involved in the event will be mercilessly sent to Holland. Thank you.