Pun of the day:
Katherine McFailed -__-

I know Taylor won. Shut up. I dun like to put this face. -__-.

To me, Astro is a completely redundant and unnecessary luxury I need for entertainment, when there’re so many cheesorons out there on MSN.

However, I do at times, regret not having subscribed to it. One of the examples being on American Idol Finals.

The live broadcast on Astro was at 8am on channel 70 but I only got to watch it on 8tv at 10.30pm. During these 14 hours, it was almost impossible not to be exposed to the result, unless you are Jack Shephard from LOST.

I for one, hate hate hate spoilers. Therefore i decided to sever myself from all forms of media. I switched off the radio, banned myself from going online for half a day and made my mom to pre-read all my sms’es. Nah, just kidding. I even prepared for the worst—I made sure all my friends won’t put lines like “Yay! Taylor rules” or “%$#*@, Kate should have won! &%@#$” in their MSN nicks, just in case I failed to resist the urge to go on MSN.


Spoilers always come when you least expect them.

I was having lunch in this quiet restaurant (so that my PC was out of sight and out of reach), when two ladies sitting ten feet away started kepoh’ing out loud.

“Did you watch American Idol just now?”
“Who won?”
“The grey hair guy.”



Tell me I should have covered my ears the moment they started talking.
No. I should have just eaten cup noodle at home.


Seriously, I don’t really care if Taylor or Kat won, because all my favorites got voted out. I’m sure Katherine sang like a cat in the rain during her final song, but if i were to pick one winner, Taylor would be so out of my list.

Chris and Elliott are my favorites. After Chris got kicked out, I laid all hopes on Elliott, but America disappointed me. Sobz. I wanted Elliott to win.

Elliott Elliott Elliott Elliott Elliott !!!