Pun of the day:
How bout some Da Vincheese Curd as a free-brie?

Nope, it is not over yet! Let’s have a Nijikai (second round)!

Irrelevant pictures, i know, but what the melon, it’s my costume party! Come in your fluorescent Casper robe or something! Bring your Absinthe too!

b1 by you.

b2 by you.

b3 by you.

b4 by you.

b5 by you.

Oh by the way, grab a copy of Weekend Mail today (available tomorrow too)! Cheese out FireAngel, Hot Feri-Feri, Kimberly, Su Ann, Penguin and myself in the weekend cheese spread!

More behind-the-scenes photos up tomorrow.

As a reward to the most faithful cheeserland readers who have changed my blog link promptly, I will be giving out da vincheese curd for some of my protected posts (Under P&Cheese collection).

To claim your da vincheese curd,