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Congraduation! (from blogspot and Limkokwing)

I was introduced to the term “blogging” in 2004, and was hooked on it since then. My blogging journey these two years hasn’t been as smooth as Philadelphia cheese spread. I encountered way too many obstacles and had to close down my blogs one after another.

This was my first ever blog in Xanga. My username was Cheesillicious back then.

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I know right!!! It wasn’t pink! 0_o
Lime green is my old flame. I know anti-pinksters would say it’s so much nicer, but sorry, im incorrigibly pinkified. >__<

Then i discovered LiveJournal and i thought it was more cheese-friendly for a noob like me. My username was still Cheesillicious.

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Unfortunately i shut it down, due to some unwanted interference.

I value my privacy a lot, i’m grateful LiveJournal has this “friends only” and “private” posting option (and i really think Blogspot, being the most popular blogging platform, should have it too). So i secretly started my third blog under the username “Cheeserland“, and only disclosed it to a few of my closest friends.

I had to make everyone register for a LiveJournal account (almost all my friends are on blogger) just to read my “friends only” posts. To those who are still holding an LJ account, and are able to view my posts in my LJ blog, sorry for the trouble, and thanx for making an effort to get to know my life better (in a good way, i’m not referring to stalkers). You know who you are. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Oh and you know who you are too.)

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Mozzie was the one who intro’ed me to blogdom. She hopped from Xanga to LiveJournal to Blogspot.

My friends were all telling me that i should get a blogger account too, because it is very cool and everyone is using it (like how people bugged you to get a Friendster account) yadda yadda and you can do a lot more customization to your blog, and also because they were tired of having to very the mafan-ly log in to LJ to read my posts.

Just like how i migrated from Yahoo Messenger to MSN Messenger reluctantly just to cater to the majority. (Urrrgh. I hate the “appear offline” mode in MSN. What’s the point of being invisible when you can’t do anything?! Not like you can creep into Jessica Alba’s bathroom and see her shave her armpits, naked!)

However, it is just something of an acquired taste. I had one too many “interesting” encounters on MSN, but that’s totally out of the topic.

Anyway. When i was registering for a blogger account, i discovered this.

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What are the odds of stumbling upon a blog that has the same username as yours, using the same language as yours, sounding exactly like you BUT YOU ARE NOT READING YOUR OWN BLOG?

Damn creepy. But people do funny things.So it’s ok.

Luckily cheeserland.blogspot.com was not taken.

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And I had been blogging there blissfully till the day World Cup 2006 officially started.

And here you are, at a whole new Cheeserland. Bear with my pinkness, would you? ๐Ÿ˜›

Oh yea.

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Behind-the-scenes photos coming!

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And the weekend spread.
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