Pun of the day:
My evil altercheesego needs to make up to me for mirroring my left sides.


Hey let’s continue the mourning.

Let’s be nostalgic for a day (though i’m nostalgic 365 days a year).

Two years ago, I was at a place where…

Ahn Jung Hwan kicked his balls (no pun intended).

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Reminds me of the happy moments (both World Cup 2002 and my Korea trip) 🙁

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*end of update*


Sometime ago, i was reading one of Xiaxue’s posts about her evil twin, and a surge of deja vu overwhelmed me.I couldn’t really figure out why, until i looked through some of my photos taken two years ago.
Ahhh. I came to a sudden realization. The post reminded me of my evil altercheesego.

The story goes like this.

On the night of June 23rd, 2004, Cheesie discovered that she was afflicted by severe panda eye syndrome, and splashed a dollop of eye cream to remedy it.

The next morning……

IMG_1679 copy by you.

IMG_1681a by you.

IMG_1693 copy by you.

IMG_1710 copy by you.

IMG_1698 copy by you.

IMG_1715 copy by you.

IMG_1687 copy by you.

IMG_1723 copy by you.


These pictures were really taken two years ago okay. And no i didn’t plan/direct it. Somehow I managed to make a crappy story out of these random pictures.

For more pictures of my trip to Korea, check out Cheescapade. =)