Pun of the day:
So cute eye-can-die… I hope he ryosurrects me!

What are the coolest gadgets in town? Aibo, iPod, iGallop… and now there’s a new addition… iCandy.
Presenting the candid shots of iCandy who has been eye-candied for the past 2 years… RYO.
This iCandy has turned Ching and me into two photographer-wannabes.

He is so adorable Ching can’t stop snapping photos of him.

Ching: Yoohoo, look here!

Cheesie: Ho liao! STOP!

Cheesie: Over here!
Ching: Over here!

Cheesie: Gimme a smile ^_^

Cheesie: Aiks, happier la.


Did i mention he’s CUTE? Capital See You Tea Eee?

By the way, iCandy model : R.Y. 0 is not for sale. He’s for display only. Lalalalala. 😉