Pun of the day:
Hats off to the graduates who have surwised up to LUCT’s con-vocation.


It was the day of my convocation.


I have often dreamed of the day when things such as assignments, deadlines, more assignments, and more deadlines would haunt me no more.

And that day has finally arrived!

I have so much to complain about LUCT’s convocation. Not just that actually, LUCT as a whore whole too.

But since it was supposed to be my joyous occasion, i think i should just give it a break make it short.

In short, the convocation was just a rip off la.

Look at what we had to pay for:

Rental for Robe: RM150 (So expensive!)
Deposit for Robe: RM300 (So freaking expensive!)
First two guests: RM80 PER PERSON (WTF)
Additional guests: RM100 PER PERSON (WTFKNN)
Studio photo: RM200 and ABOVE (WTFKNNCCB)



So. Let’s say you are bringing your parents and your 5 of your siblings, and you opt for the most basic studio package (although those people will convince you to add this and that to make it “grand”, but dammit la i can take better photos of myself), it would cost you a whopping RM1310. Imagine if you are bringing all your yee ma ku cheh, heng dai chee muis. You do the calculation la.

This is the time when i’m very glad that my only family member is my mom.


How can you love a university that turns your convocation into a nightmare? All of their arbitrary charges have turned our love into hatred.

It’s no wonder rumour has it that all of the money goes to Tan Sri’s hair treatment.


The freaking robe was blue! My most hated color!


I prefer Aki’s robe. It’s golden yellow. More royalish la.

Therefore i decided to…



Muahaha. Lalalala.

Anyway, i’ll be nice. I’ll make my Cup Noodle Club members’ robes pink too, as a token of apprecheesation.



I see herds of Tele Tubbies (Some say Harry Potters).

The convo was just… Boring, with a capital B.

Pretty girls singing. It was all good except that they can’t sing. (Sorry Wani! I am just telling the truth. >__<)

My favorite lecturer Irene. She has the most amazing memory ever. She can remember EVERY student’s name. She should be put in a lab to be studied for the benefit of humankind.

Limay. My prettiest cousin and the prettiest lecturer ever in LUCT.

The creature i’m seen with in this photo is the bestest thing that has happened to me during my miserable 3-year-imprisonment in LUCT.


Contrary to popular belief, LUCT has NO LENG JAIs!!

(i hear gasps)

So girls, don’t come here to study! Because if you want to see leng jais, you’d have to travel 40kms away from college. How’s that for an ordeal!!!

However, this guy was such a breath of fresh air. He has been my eye candy, as well as Ching’s, for two years. We adore Ryo. =P

What’s more, he’s one of the recipients of the Limkokwing High Achievers Award. We’re so proud of him *swoons*.

A bunch of shiny new communication graduates.

“hey we’re here!”

Oh My God! I god an award too!

DAMN HAPPY! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Now, please excuse me for a moment while i make myself some yummy cheese desserts for my celebration.