Pun of the day:
Materazzi: Good mourning!
Zizou: Good your… err my head!


French supporters: *Lafite out loud*

Cheesie officially loves the World Cup.
It’s over but i’m looking forward to the next one four years later.

It gives me every reason to indulge in my mourning. (It works both ways. If my fav team wins, i’ll indulge in my celebration.)

This time around, i was mourning for Zidane’s headstrong mistake.

So i headed straight to a French restaurant headily.


Lafite is a francy restaurant.


The horny breads (they have horns! Like, ^o__o^ horns. ) were so yummy! If only Gardenia comes up with horny breads too.


Lentil soup. It tasted a little funny at first, but it was love at second sip.


OMC! Like, literally!

i was sooooo going to have them for dessert. ALL of them!


Foie Graaaaaaaaaaas!!

(I wanted to type Foie Grasssssss, but i didn’t know how to pronounce it. So redundant the french asses S’es. )

A Liver-pool of Foie gras!

Thick slices of grilled foie gras with fresh morel-flavored tagliatelle, mushroom and fava bean ragout.


Ouch! They poked a hole in my liver!


Artisanal pasta ( Just now French asses, now artist’s anal pasta? ewww! O_O) and artichokes (Poor artist, awww) beef juice and black truffle


From La Mer (The Sea)

De-shelled Maine lobster with basil and sauteed veggies.


Cod from the North Sea roasted “skin on” with stuffed potatoes and green asparagus.

Oh My Cod! I love cod to death. I wanna meet Cod when i die. But i don’t know why they must cook cod together with asparagus. The cods in Cafe Cafe and Frangipani were also the same. I gotta find an asparagus-loving Dipping Buddy.


Carrots for bunnies! But too bad i was eyeing my cheese.


Since presentation is a crucial essence of French cuisine, let’s see how i fare…



Sorry. I’m one of the 10 types of girls your mommy says you cannot date. I always play with my food.


Crap. I just committed another Crime Brulee.

Back to the cheeeeeeeese!

Classic French cheese From-ages ago!!


Oh, my cheese!

The Cheese Master.

I had Brie de Meaux, Galette, Salers, Lavort Fume, Macconais… Cheesus Crust! So many varieties! I don’t even know how to begin describing them. And i seriously camembert all their francy names.

I loved the orangy one the most. Too bad even the cheese master didn’t know what it is called. 0_o


See, this is the reason why i think France should have gotten the Cup.

Frencheese rule. Go ahead, Lafite up.