Pun of the day:
Here…i’ll pasta rave-ioli review for you to read!


What is your favorite pasta sauce?

Basically there are three types: tomato-based, oil-based and cream-based.

I dislike tomato-based sauces. They are always too sweet, and so bland as well.

Spaghetti Bolognese is like the most boring food in the world.

It looks like rubber bands splashed with red paint all over. How appetizing is that?

You are probably thinking that my fav pasta sauce would definitely be cream-based. Well, it’s not.

White cream (Alfredo/Cabonara) is excreamly cloying. Just two mouthfuls of it will fully satisfy your initial cravings for the sauce. Please be aware that cream sauce doesn’t equal cheese sauce.

More often than not, cream-based pasta just tastes creamy, not cheesy.

And i hate it when the menu says “cheesy sauce” but it ends up tasting like cream. Of course there’s an exception. There’s one heavenly four-cheese pasta in Grappa... which is like the best pasta i’ve ever tried.

Therefore, my fav pasta sauce is olio!

I so totally dig pasta e olio with herbs! So simple but yummy.

But it’s so difficult to find good pasta nowadays. I have been on a pasta-devouring journey for days but i haven’t found one which is even worth recommending.


Fasta Pasta
(Ikano Power Center)

Banana and Peanut Butter smoothie

Damn kao.


Special Italian Choco


It’s so gooey it’s like drinking choco fudge! You tell me, do you buy a tube of Hershey’s choco fudge and “drink” it?

i dig biscotti!

But tell me… how in the world should i consume this cup of hot fudge?!

Well… i actually had an idea.


Why don’t we just make it a cup of choco fudge.

Look at its kao-ness

Banana Peanut Butter Choco Fudge smoothie ^_^

Now it is double the kao.


Ricotta ravioli with avocado and spinach in cream sauce (vegetarian).

It looks better in real life. However, it also looks better than it tastes. It’s too creamy and too thick. Not the best combination either.


Papardelle di Cassa (urrgh whatever it is)

White ribbon pasta with beef pepperoni, broccoli, chili padi and sauteed anchovies in olive oil.

I like the soft and delicate ribbon pasta. The rest was nothing to shout about.


This garlic bread is radioactive!!!

Fuiyoh. I think it almost glows in the dark.

Holy Hayley, this has to be the oiliest garlic bread to date, in the history of garlic breads. It is so oily it is almost transparent. Just take one bite and the oil will drip down your chin. Because of its oiliness, it also loses its crisp.

However, credit should be given to the chef’s generosity, since the price of oil has increased like mad.


(One Utama New Wing)

Pan fried escalope of veal and pesto linguini with tomato vinaigrette.

I had no idea what escalope or veal was. 0_o
So i asked the waitress, and she replied,

“It’s turkey ham.”


Veal is so not turkey ham okay? Whatever it is, it can’t be a cock/hen/chick. I was guessing somewhere along venison. But it turned out to be calf’s meat.

Anyway. The vinaigrette was a little overdone. The veal tasted just like, erm, beef. -_-|||


I just watched Sex and the City, and Miranda refers veal as “a piece of politically incorrect meat”. =P


By the way, if you are extremely hungry, don’t go to Bakerzin. The staff members are so oblivious you’d have to literally ripple/wave yourself to get their attention. Oh, and their desserts take like 20 mins to serve.



The funny thing is, i actually had my eye on this pan fried white fish with angel hair pasta thingy. Cheez, i had been wanting to try that angel hair thingie, you know. FA just cut hers. After taking my order, the waiter looked a little embarrassed.

Cheesie: ?
Waiter: Actually… my advice is, don’t take this… *awkward smile*
Cheesie: ?!?
Waiter: Because it is not that nice… a lot of our customers actually complained…
Cheesie: ?!?!?!?
Waiter: So i think you better take something else…
Cheesie: ……….



Got such thing anot?

Imagine you go to a restaurant, and the waiter goes,

“Miss, i recommend you not to take this because it is not very good. How bout… oh, i think a lot of people complained about this too, so why not… erm… we’re not exactly proud of this either… SO WHY DON’T YOU EAT NEXT DOOR?”


Food that doesn’t taste good is not supposed to be on the menu in the first place.



Signature meatball spaghetti in tomato sauce.

You can’t see no balls. But mind you it’s so huge Kejusia will be put to shame! People who dislike sour food will hate this, because this is the most sour tomato sauce i’ve ever tried. But being a big fan of sourness, i like it!


Grilled chicken fettuccine with gorgonzola cheese sauce.

Freaking huge. The chicken cutlets were too dry and tasteless. The best thing about this pasta was that there were huge chunks of gorgonzola cheeeeese!

Obviously, we didn’t see this on the menu…



Yea, i broke my promise. I went SWISS instead of KOREAN.





>__< I tried food other than pasta too, so i'll just include them to make you drool. Fresh juices are the best.
Try red dragon fruit.


Rock melon! The melon that rocks! Best-nya! I’m happy already. πŸ˜€


Marche’s signature dish.

Smoked salmon and cheese rosti. And cheese-injected chicken sausageeeee!

Look at the cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

sour cream, mustard, ketchup, chili sauce.

Sour cream all the way!


Mashed potatoes with black pepper sauce. Damn peppery, i like!

When i came here previously, the beef steak was so juicy and tender. Seems like their cows have aged… πŸ™

Seafood fettuccine in spicy olio sauce.

I would rate this as the best pasta throughout my whole review. The seafood was so fresh that the prawns would be bouncing in your mouth. The only down side was, there’s a pool of olive oil at the bottom of the bowl.

However, after eating the pasta, one question has been bothering me…

Can anyone tell me, are there male and female mussels? Because i bit the juicy gigantic mussel into half, and discovered this…

Oh my goddess WTC is that?

Nevermind. I dowan to know.



Looks and tastes very much like chinese “chang shou mian”. Tastes very china man too. Exotic mushrooms galore.

Maybe a little too exotic.

There’s this thingie which looked like a little cap, that fitted nicely on my knife.

What is this?

Is it just me who thinks too much?

I actually thought that it was meant for the mussel’s thingie.