Pun of the day:
Peacock: Yo, when are you gonna end your periods?
Cheesie: Soon.
Peacock: Can I end your periods with an enter?
Peacock: *Enters to end your periods*
Cheesie: So ur name is menopause?
Peacock: MAN! Oh, pause.

Lemon Cheesecake

When life gives you a huge lemon on a cake,
Maybe it’s time to have a break!

kk7 by you.

kk2 by you.


Hungry for strawberries like never before?
Well then, maybe you should have some more!

kk5 by you.

kk3 by you.

Dark Luxury

In a secluded sensuous haven, so dark and alluring,
Take your own sweet time to satisfy your craving.

kk8 by you.

kk4 by you.
kitkat picture taken from sixthseal.com


Surrounded by pink wonders up above known fondly as sakura,
Why not have something else too, which will make you go gaga!

kk6 by you.

kk1 by you.

sObz. Strawberry Kitkat and Sakura Kitkat are only available in Singapore. Who’s coming to Malaysia? πŸ™