Pun of the day:
There are still some sporadick annoynymous(es) in Cheeserland.

You see, Cheeserland is a haremonious little sanctuary for mutated bunnies.

bm (3) by you.

The owner loves animals.

bm (8) by you.

She often mutates into harelucinates that she mutates into different animals.

The migration to Cheeser-dot-com-land was a wise move. It has rabbically reduced the amount of cuntless countless anonymouses, or should i say anonymice? Because mouses sounds wrong… Damn, this is annoying. I can never spell the word correctly. What’s the plural for annoynymous?

What i wanted to say is, Cheeserland is supposed to be a harebitat where heartbreak doesn’t exist. It’s a hareven of hareppiness. Nevertheless, once in a cheesy moon, for sure there are buggers who will come and bug the owner. I’m harebituated to it liao.

So anyway. One fine day, an uninvited bunny was spotted in Cheeserland. Shim seems to be highly dissatisfied with the modus operandi of Cheeserland, and thinks that it is overpopularated!! It’s full of mutated bunnies, because they are breeding three fast three furious. (Fucckaccino? Why does shim even care? Shim is not even part of them). Shim complains and kutuks Cheeserland non-stop.

Shim has gone siao.

Shim overate waaaaay too much and became obeast. It’s like a vicious cycle you see. When shim is feeling down, shim binges. Then shim becomes fat. When shim becomes fat, shim feels depressed, and continues to binge more. How i know? Aiya i know la. I speak from experience what.


Shim starts whining.

Bunny: *sobz* I’m fat and ugly. Now my fart smells like rotten carrots. Who will ever date ME?!?! *whines*

Instead of suing shim for trespassing, the kindhearted Cheeserlander attempts to counsel the bunny-gone-siao, hoping shim will return to shis bundane life.


bm (12) by you.

Bunny ties a rope and tries to hang shimself.

bm (11) by you.

Cheeserlander: NooooOOo!! We can talk it out!

Bunny then climbs up a Gouda tower and attempts to jump down.

Cheeserlander: NooooOOo!! I’m coming to get you!

bm (13) by you.

Cheeserlander: Nooooo… You jump i jump!

Bunny: You jump first.

*Cheeserlander jumps up and down on the ground*

Bunny: WTF that’s not jumping.

*Cheeserlander does bunny-hops*

Bunny: Go to hell. I want to die.

*Cheeserlander lures bunny with a white radish*

Bunny: I want to die.

Cheeserlander: ………

Sigh. She tried everything but to no avail.

Cheeserlander:You want to die izit! Ok come i help you!

Infurryated, Cheeserlander climbs up the Gouda tower too.

Cheeserlander:*holds bunny by shis shoulders and shakes shim violently* Tell me! Why do you want to die?

Bunny: *weeps* I’m ugly!

Cheeserlander: You want to know what’s ugly? Wait till you lose your ears.

*proceeds to break bunny’s ears*

bm by you.

bm (1) by you.

Cheeserlander: Pain?! You have no idea what pain is!

*proceeds to strangle bunny with a rope*

bm (15) by you.

Cheeserlander: Cough summore!

*attempts to strangle bunny to death*

bm (16) by you.

Cheeserlander: Help? Yea i’m helping you to die now what!

*proceeds to bite bunny*

bm (2) by you.

Cheeserlander: Can sing summore! Well, it ain’t over until the fat bunny sings! Let me help you complete your hare-a-kiri!

*stabs bunny*

bm (10) by you.

Bunny dies.

And thus ends a harerowing incident.

Cheeserlander: *murmurs* *wipes hands with towel* Fucckaccino. Everytime have to deal with these idiots. I shall come out with new rules and regulations soon.

And the next day…

bm (6) by you.

bm (7) by you.


bm (4) by you.

P/S: So, how many punnies can you spot in the post-mortem?


The one who identifies ALL of the punnies in the whole post
*first* will receive a prize.

(Repeats are not counted)

Also, please number your answers, so that the judge won’t
have to punstakingly count each answer one by one to determine
the total for each entry.