Pun of the day:
They had some beef with the Seremban noodles, but overall, they were really wonderfull guests.



Karaoke session!

I just realized my hair is like, sadakoly long.

And having lotsa fun at the “Roppyaku En no Tokoro“, Cosmo World, Timesquare.

The girls look scared, unlike the guys – or so it seems…

Look who’s really scared now 😀

I went on the chao kung bu roller coaster too. >__<

Azumi said it was kowai but omoshiroi. To me it was kimochi warui. >_<

I’m not doing it again. It messed up my hair. *snub*

Chinese dinner at night.


It’s n-oodles of fun!

Wilson’s mom brought salvation to our stomachs with her culinary skills!

I suddenly realized how sien the peace sign is.

So i decided to spread the cacated V gesture virus to everyone. Muahaha!

Some people might have defenses and protection, but slowly they will succumb to my cacating virus!

But the others were infected quickly! *insert evil laugh of your choice here*



It’s time i finally tried the most famous beef noodles of Seremban.

They said it’s good! 😀

Of course, i’d never let them miss the BEST DURIANS EVER.

Fresh from our durian orchard. Organic.

They were very eager to try the notorious king of fruits.

Stay cheesed for the final season!