Pun of the day:
a-sad-a-fair, well… Oy-azumi!


Warning: Damn lotsa photos. Big in size too.

Sorry, i have no choice but to forgo quality control this time around, because these pictures are just too awesome, so they must be posted! So wait patiently and admire them yea, don’t let all my efforts of making them pretty go to waste hor.


One Day Trip to Melaka


We traveled down south after eating the best beef noodles in Seremban and having oodles of fun.

*For the sake of convenience, i have translated some of their Japanese into Cheesenese. :D*


Okaasan was trying to practise her Cantonese as often as possible. Little did she know that Malaccans hardly speak Cantonese.



Melaka Chicken Rice Balls!

They said that the chicken claws in the soup were very kimochi warui (gross), but Okaasan ate them anyway. 🙂

We saw food, drinks and snacks everywhere.

But that was what made us HAPPY! 😀 😀 😀

Azumi calls Baskin Robbins “Thirty One Ice cream”. So cute!

Azumi’s and Cheesie’s favorite Strawberry Cheesecake Thirty One!

What the melon? This was Azumi’s first ever watermelon juice in her life. There’s no such thing as watermelon juice in Japan! O_o


After lunch, we went to Cheng Ho Museum.


The Puppet Show.


Time for some photo sessions!

This is my FAV FAV FAV picture of Azumi.

She looks breathtakingly beautiful in this picture. So demure and classically Japanese.

Dinner at Kampachi!

Everyone: Kampai!
Youta: Where’s my drink?! >__<

Azumi braided my hair. Love it. 🙂

No, Azumi’s favorite sushi is not etooone.

Lemmi tell you a story.

You see hor, Japanese people like to start their sentences with “e to ne…” or “ano ne…”, which is equivalent to english’s “well…” or “let’s see…”

Okaasan and Azumi both bought a toy from Centrair, Nagoya Airport.
It’s called Foo Chan.

One day, Wilson’s friend Oi Peng was asking Azumi:

Oi Peng: *points to Foo Chan* What is this?
Azumi: *thinks* E too ne…
Oi Peng: Oooh! Its name is Etoone? Hello, Etoone!

Cheesie: *ROFL*

Since then, we started calling Azumi’s toy Etone Chan, which she later gave to me. 😀 😀 😀

We named the other one Anone Chan. Wahaha.

According to Okaasan, Foo Chan is the mascot of Centrair, Nagoya. If i bring it with me all the time, it’ll surely bring me to Nagoya one day.


I will definitely definitely pay them a visit in Nagoya this year. 🙂




Sorry, got carried away. Let’s get back to the sushi. Err.. where were we?

Oh yea. So no, Etone is not Azumi’s favorite sushi.


In fact, it is my fav too.

Yes. Ikura-wa-ikura-desu-ka sushi. Don’t mind the long name. It’s a pun.

Azumi treasures the roe so much that she ate the rice first, then the roe, one by one. Luckily it was ikura. If it was ebiko, the restaurant would have to open until the rooster crows to wait for her to finish eating just one sushi.


I hope you are reading this with a full tummy.

Natto (with maguro), the Japanese version of durian.

It’s not stinky, it’s STICKY. I kenot tahan the stickiness man. It’s like eating saliva. Kimochi warui 0_o.

And the dessert. Normally it looks like this.

However, Youta’s looked like this.


You know why?

Apparently, he is a garnish eating freak. But of course, a very adorable one. ^_^

We’re a wonderFULL family! 😀 😀 😀

That ended our trip to Melaka.

Now, the Asada family is gone. Back to Nagoya. 🙁 🙁 🙁

Before they went back to Nagoya, I teman’ed them to Central market cuz they wanted to buy some souvenirs for their friends. We found some mini softie key chains, damn cheap and cute.

They were only RM5 each, plus 50% off summore!!!!!! So cheesing cheap right!

I saw a bunni one, but Azumi grabbed it first. And it was the last one! No more bunni for me. 🙁

I bought a donkey one instead. But i was still a little disappointed. On the way home, i asked Azumi where she’s gonna hang the bunni (no pun intended here). She replied that she’s giving it to a friend.


Cheesie: 🙁 Dame. (kennot)
Azumi: Ringo chan ni ageru yo.. (I’m giving it to you :))



She knows that i’m obsessed with bunnies and cheese.

I almost cried. She is too sweet.

Cheeni = Cheesy Bunni.

I’m going to miss her.

And the rest of the Asada family.

Mata Nagoya de. 🙂