Pun of the day:
I’m so fondue of snex. Ice scream in delight when a new one hits the shelves. What’snex, i wonder?


I have such a deep affinity with puns that i am eternally, inextricably drawn to them.

I see them everywhere, all the time—when i blog, when i shop, when i dream, and also when i walk down the supermarket aisle.

I see a pun! 😀


So many little moo moo cows!


I see another pun! 😀 😀


Something caught my eyes.



They should put a disclaimer: Our Company is not responsible for any cheesin-ness
(黐線nessnull) caused by the consumption of this product.

Cheez, i simply love to go window-shopping at the supermarket. I can look around curiously like a 5-year-old kid for one whole hour. I LOVE SNEX and they never cease to amaze me.

Pocky for MEN!

Since when did Pocky become sexist! My gooness, carrying a box of red hot Pocky while chewing on the sticks is very humiliating for guys, is it?

Eating Pocky very sissy meh? You think it’s like perfume ah, must have a separate version for males.


And Look! Since when did Mickey and Minnie change their citizenship? Wouldn’t it be better if they name it Hollywood Roll instead?


White Fantasy–White choco flavor with marshmallows

Nowadays ice cream flavors have really stretched the limits of imagination.

I really wonder how far they can push the boundaries of creativity.

Mocha Brownie ice cream!
Choc Fudge Pie ice cream!
Wild Berry Shortcake ice cream!
New York Cheesecake ice cream!
Apple Pie Crumble ice cream!

Oh. My. Goo. Ness.

How could they just simply marry cakes and pastries with ice cream? That’s blind marriage; that’s incest! The offspring turned out to be freaks!

They are no longer ice cream. They now have a new name called Cakescream.

Tiramisu ice cream is nothing new. And the weirdest ice cream flavor i’ve ever tried was this.

Before long, we’ll see Bread & Pudding ice cream, Lemon Meringue ice cream, Gingerbread Man Cookie ice cream, Oatmeal Energy Bar ice cream, Blueberry Muffin ice cream, etc.

We are all used to adding a scoop of ice cream or two on top of our cakes. I wonder if they will come up with ice cream-flavored muffins, and ice cream-flavored brownies?

And soon enough, we might even see Salsa ice cream, Thousand Island ice cream, Teriyaki ice cream, Bloody Mary ice cream, Heineken ice cream, and…


Life’s good!