Pun of the day:
All geese liver peaceful life with the creation of RINGOS chips.


Needless to say, cheese snacks are my favorite hot snex.


However, i often see these claims and wonder what they mean.


Made with REAL CHEESE?

So, does FAKE CHEESE exist?

What has the world come to? Just the thought of chomping on fake cheeses sent a shiver down my spine.

Actually, it does exist.

I was looking around the Pringles section and noticed they have this new Grilled Shrimp and Pepper flavor.

I’ve always wondered how the thin chips get their so-called “grilled shrimp flavor”. Do they really grill the shrimps first or what?

So i took a look at the ingredients and guess what i found?



Did they all hide behind the rock or what?!

The “shrimp and pepper flavor” is actually made from some yeast and MSG. FAKE SHRIMPS!

How sad! And here i thought i would get some minerals from the ocean.

Flabbergasted, i wanted to find out the extent to which wild snex lovers are being conned. Then i discovered some special edition Twisties.

Salmon Teriyaki

Tandoori Chicken

Looks like damn delicious and exotic hor.

I flipped one bag over.

The closest kin of salmon seem to be “fish and crustaceans“. But “fish and crustaceans” are NOT salmon. When there is a Ringo Starr concert, you cannot put Ringo Tan in place of Ringo Starr on the posters (even though Ringo Tan makes the poster look better, hehe).


I flipped the other bag over.

Tandoori Chicken my ass. 真係弹到你咯.

I guess i don’t need to tell you why it is called Seafood Surprise.

Oh well, i’ll show you anyway…


The only animal source comes from cow’s udders.

But the most evil of all evils would have to be…


Smart ass. Yeah, let’s just name the brand “REAL” so that consumers would automacheescally assume that it’s all REAL inside.

But when i took a closer look…


Not very “real” nor convincing ok! I so happen to remember that Miaow Miaow is junk food which is so junky that my mom would be infuriated if she were to see me opening the packet 15 years ago (and even today as well, probably).

I am really quite disgusted, seeing that these people would compromise the quality of the overall product with cheaper substitutes for the ingredients, which are not even made from the actual flavor listed in front of the packaging. They need to be haunted by another Chiizuko.


Hmm, on second thought, perhaps i should try making some quick money too. Lemmi give it a shot!

People, i’m currently involved in a venture to produce my very own cheese chips. So far, R&D has started, and we have only one flavor at the moment. The ingredients we’re using for this flavor are:

Wheat starch, yeast extract, polysorbate 60, carnauba wax, anti-caking agent, sorbitan monostearate, red 40 lake, red 3, red 40, yellow 5, yellow 6, blue 1, permitted conditioner, artificial flavoring.

This is how the packaging will look like:



Foie Gras flavored Ringos chips!
😀 😀 😀

No actual geese were harmed for the mass production of this product. Ringos is liver-free. It’s a win-win situation, no? 🙂