Pun of the day:
Even before she was ready to masticake on it, her friend just gave it straight to her face.

Ivene: “Why did you cake me?!”
Guy in orange: “I torture gonna enjoy it mah.”


It’s Ivene’s 22nd birthday party!

At first she told me that it’s going to be a mini party with only close friends this time around (and of course i’m excreamly honored to be invited), but i O_o‘ed when i saw the amount of “close friends” she has. It’s enough to launch a footie match already.

So envious of her.

I can juggle cheese cubes but the most amount of friends i can handle is equivalent to a tennis match. Ok, maybe doubles.

Even though i had the suckiest birthday party ever a few months ago, it is still nice to be invited to one and have fun.

Ivene told me she wanted the dresscode to be “colorful outfit”.

Exactly how colorful is colorful?

So i decided to dress like a female rainbow. (Actually, i wonder if rainbows are inherently female. After all, aren’t rainbows part of Mother Nature?)

And there i met Mr. Paddle Pop.

Mr. Paddle Pop: Damn! (inserts >_< emo) Got people more colorful than me wah!

So i guess it’s not really much of a surprise we won the most colorful award.

I know what you’re thinking. No it’s not a typo.

He’s not *my* honey.

When we first met…

Mr. Paddle Pop: Hie
Cheesie: Hie
Mr. Paddle Pop: You are…?
Cheesie: Ringo. (shakes hand with Paddle pop)
Mr. Paddle Pop: Nice meeting you. Call me Honey.
Cheesie: null
Mr. Paddle Pop: Dun believe ah?
Cheesie: ……
Mr. Paddle Pop: (hands over name card)


What a… shiok name.

Birthday girl and her friends!

So happening!

Hoho. Some people are rebellious. Never follow dress code.

I got to meet some nice people too!

Got other cute friends also lah, but i looked very ugly, so i’m not posting. So don’t get angry if you don’t see your pretty/handsome face here hor.


Soon, it was time to…


Err… for celebrating her birthday. So cham right.

Level 1

Level 2

They forced her to drink curry oil! Damn gross wei.

Poor Ivene! She so san fu cooked curry chicken for us, then at the end of the day kena such torture!

Level 3

Watch how she kena caked.


And she thought it’s over. She wished!

Level 4

The guy in orange wanted me to capture ANOTHER golden caking moment. I did it successfully but i did feel damn cham for her la. Cheez.

Level 5

And the torture ended with a stinky kiss from a rotten cheese.