Pun of the day:
The history of Cheeserland is full of holes, but it’s interesting in its own whey. null


Happy 2nd Blogniversary!

It’s the auspicious 9th of September again! It has been two years! 😀 😀 😀

When i first started, Cheeserland was just a hole in the holey emmentaler for me to hide in. Thanks to all of you who chanced upon my blog and decided to stay cheesed with me, Cheeserland has evolved into a hareppy cheesy hareven.

Thank you for dropping by Cheeserland (where you are most welcome to leave some droppings too) and watching it grow.


In a few hours time, I will be flying off to Chengdu, China, for a week.


Don’t feel sad yet because i will still blog as often as i can. Happy anot? 😀 😀 😀

As cheesy as it sounds (pun intended or not, up to you), it’s all because I love Cheeserland damn cheesy much and it feels very, very heart-warming to have you all as a part of my punderful home. Therefore, no matter where i am, my heart will still be with Cheeserland.

You guys are the best!



See you in China! Stay cheesed!