Pun of the day:
I’m not sure if you’ve herb of these obs-cure natural medicines! I’m rooting for them!


If the only orchard you have ever been to is some happening street in Singapore, you need to read this entry.

Mom avocado advocates organic fruits and vegetables. She believes in the saying “you are what you eat”.

It’s true. Thanx to her job, i get to eat the freshest fruits and veggies, all organic. And i feel great.

We plant veggies in our own little front and back yards.

Freaking giant okra (lady’s finger).

Stop looking at my lady’s fingernails. Look at how big the okra is.

We even have okras with red nail polish! Have you seen them before? null

Mom works at the orchards sometimes. It is such a shame that the last time i visited one of them was probably 10 years ago.


Ahh… a breath of fresh air!

It was a real eye-opener.

The orchard has some of the best durians ever. It’s good that no pesticides were ever used for the plants.


Some durians are given very funny names, like this one.

It’s called the Big Sweet Potato.

The tree is so short!

This is the famous D24.


And this is the elongated durian.

No la, i’m kidding. It is a Jackfruit.


These here are the sweetest starfruits ever.

They’re called Honey Stars. 😀 Ya ya, just like the breakfast cereal. Such a sweet name, literally!


This is a kind of mango known as Apple Mango.

The ants know that it’s good stuff too.


Ah, I advocado advocate replacing butter with avocado. Damn good for your skin. I adore avocado.


Guess what this is?

This is a Dragon Fruit plant. It is part of the cactus family. Amazing isn’t it? Unfortunately there were no fruits yet.


Ah, it’s great to be a part of nature at its purest and most breathtaking.

I started to feel like Alice in the Wonderland Cheesie in the real Cheeserland.

When i walked deeper into the orchard, i momentarily thought i was in Hokkaido.

I saw a lavender sea!

Or not…

It’s called the “Hong Tian Wu”. (红田乌).

Well, the orchard does not only have fruits. It has some rare herbs that people do not know of, and they cure/prevent all sorts of ailments.

Mom told me that Hong Tian Wu is a miraculous medicine for diabetes and high blood pressure. My aunty who is diabetic has been drinking boiled Hong Tian Wu tea, and she found that her blood sugar level decreased significantly. And it’s a very very cheap remedy, not to mention natural too.


This is Hibiscus Syriacus. (木槿花)

It is not just some pretty flower hor. It has some medicinal usage. Plus, it is a magical flower. In the morning, it is white in color. It changes color with time. It was pink when i saw it at 12 noon.

Later at 4pm in the afternoon, it looked like this.

Then there’s the “White Crane Linzhi” (白鹤灵芝)
Scientific name: Rhinacanthus nasutus

Look! They look just like little birds, hence the beautiful name 🙂

This herb lowers blood pressure as effectively as the pharmaceutical drug.


This one is known as “Half Face Lotus”. (半边莲)

Scientific name is… Ah nevermind.

Each flower seems to have half of its petals missing. They are not just innocent little flowers. They are natural anti-cancer herbs.

These are called “Little Rice Balls”. (米碎花)

Just like the Half Face Lotus, the Little Rice Balls are good for people with cancer. They are also good for arthritis, rheumatism and skin problems.

“Cat’s whiskers” (猫须草), or Misai Kuching, as the Malays call it.

It’s a very common herb. It’s good for people with diabetes and kidney problems.


This is called the Pink Cheesie.

Very good for a disease called sanity. 😀

Stay cheesed for Season Eye Candy!

P/S: I made most of the translations up. You know, no point writing their scientific names, when MOST of you don’t read chinese 0_o. So don’t scold me if you can’t find them via Google hor.