Pun of the day:
Don’t die-yet. I’ve got a fruitful way to look slimmer!

I’m endowed with quite a slim body which i don’t need to perform lipo on, thank cheesus.

However, whenever i do a photoshoot, the photographer will still need to avoid angles that will make me look chubby. To be honest with you, i’ve tried many, many methods in order to desparately lose that bit of chubbiness. These methods include some insane diet plans, crazy exercise plans, and some useless slimming gel. First of all, i’m the glutton of all gluttons. I can never go with meal replacements, starvation, or calorie crunching. NEVER. If a guy thinks about sex every five minutes, i think about food every five seconds. Besides, i’m so hopelessly lazy that the only exercise i do is munch on cheese.

The time i need to lose that bit of weight is typically before a photoshoot or a show. So i need a really quick remedy. Unfortunately, i cannot starve myself (as that is the fastest way ever to lose weight, just hope you don’t pengsan and fall flat on your boobs) because i have an IBS (irritable bowel syndrome, very irritating indeed) problem. It gives me constipation and i’ll look so bloated like a cheese balloon. Starving will give me bad gas and make me bloat, which makes me even fatter.

Until i discovered my Ultimate Diet…

I really feel that it’s better than the other typical weight loss procedures, because it’s so simple and doesn’t come with any significant restrictions.


(That’s the whole point right.)

And be slim! Like, the next day.

I love it. I love it so much that i decided to advertise for them.

Want to know the secret a not? ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€
It is called Kenko Diet Plum.

The plums don’t exactly look very appealing, actually. In fact, they even look like some bad constipated stools, but that’s exactly what they are not. They are actually very effective in getting rid of what they kinda look like.

People who claim to have no constipation problems will still have undischarged stools on the walls of their intestines, which weigh a surprising 2-3 kg (as heavy as a bowling ball!). Our flabs are made out of rubbish!

Kenko Diet Plums are natural organic plums without any chemicals, and they taste exactly like normal dried plums. They help create bowel movement, and perform internal cleansing by excreting toxins and faeces. Therefore, you might find yourself visiting the toilet more often after the plums become a part of your daily diet.

I find it to be quite an ideal diet for me. Man! I don’t need to diet, and i get to munch on yummy plums, and IT MAKES ME SLIM!

Life’s good. ๐Ÿ˜€

I started eating the plums one month ago, on the 31st of July, a day when i was desperately dying to lose that bit of stomach fat right before a show.

Miraculously, i saw the effects the next day. I ate three plums and went to the toilet, flushing out all the rubbish from my tummy. You can feel the instant tightening of your stomach muscle. And i lost 2KG in just one day. Of course, most of it was water weight. Bah, i don’t give a damn about weight anyway. I just need to FEEL and LOOK slim.

And i had a happy flat tummy the next day.

Aren’t you tempted to try now? The best thing is, you don’t need to go out to buy it on a cranky fat day.
If you live in the Klang Valley, Kenko Diet Plum can be delivered your doorstep!

pleasecheeseme@gmail.com , if you are interested to try it out, or if you have other enquiries.

New packaging!! It’s now RM139 but comes with extra 10 plums that is individually packed! So it’s even more worth the buy now. ๐Ÿ™‚

Just drop me and email and tell me where you are. It could be sent to you by courier.

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