Pun of the day:
I’ll show and tell you how peachy life is in China. It’s a Looong Quan, so be patient!

Life in China is very peachy indeed…

when there are fresh-from-the-trees fruits aplenty…

And are sold at a super cheap price.

Can you believe it? Six peaches for RM5!


This picture doesn’t do her justice. She is 10 times more beautiful in person. I can’t believe she’s serving dishes in a restaurant. She shoud be hosting “Sichuan Today” or something.

Life is peachy too when they have woderful complusive-shopper tourist like me and mommy me

Day 3—Long Quan

I was thrilled when I found out that we’re going to Luodai Ancient Town in Long Quan that day.

It’s a Hakka Village where most of the Hakka descendants reside in. Those buildings were built a few hundred years ago and preserved till now.

It is a small town where everybody works hard…

while living a peaceful and relaxing life.

It is so relaxing that everybody just sits outside the house playing mahjong.

Wendy’s gonna love staying here

Or chess…

Or card games such as poker.

I found some interesting food there.

Do you know what this is? Make a guess. 🙂

This is for Stoney84. Here’s the stuff you wanted.

Hakka Stinky Tofu.

If that’s not enough, I present to you…the world’s number one Stinky Tofu.

Or so the banner claims.

Just in case they aren’t as stinky as you wanted them to be, have some of these.

“Weird-taste Ciggie”.

Guarantee can stink a skunk to death.

The snacks there were cheap though.

Like, super cheap.

Assorted biscuits.

Four huge pieces for only RMB1 (RM0.50).

They were so crispy, and bursting with the aroma of sunflower seeds and walnuts. So worth it can die.
They have tattoo service too.

Only RM2.50 for the smallest tattoo. And this is the REAL THING, not your suka-suka can remove punya sticker tattoo tau!

Just like at Emei Mountain, they have the clearest longkang, ever.

They’re so clean that you can actually……

One thing made my visit to Luodai Ancient Town super heart-warming.

The people there are sooooooooooooo friendly.

They would smile at you when you focus your camera lens on them (instead of turning their backs against you); when you want to take a picture with them, they would smile and nod (instead of running away).

Normally in other places, when you snap a picture of a trishaw far far away, its owner would be like “Hoi! You need to pay for taking photos.”

But this kind man even offered me a free ride when I wanted to take some pictures.


Babies were everywhere in this town!

Their mothers looked cheerful all the time. As i tried to snap pictures of the babies, their mommies coaxed them into waving at me.

Baby’s mommy is very beautiful.

They are so nice la… 🙂

All the folks were wearing traditional Chinese clothes.


She was the hippest urban kid in this ancient town.


“WHOA! Eggnog me!”

She just turned around and walked away!

Urban kids are arrogant.


After that, i found another cute kid, who wore something special, but very traditional.

But what is so special about what he was wearing?

Kai Dang Ku (开裆裤)!


Some of you who are very urban might not get it.

Go away if you are underage. Ask your parents to come.

Yes, for convenience’s sake!

Long long time ago people didn’t have Pampers, ok?

This baby was also wearing the “convenient outfit“.

But slightly different. The emphasis was on the…


Apart from babies, this town also had lotsa cute animals.

And many many many doggies.

But most of them were *ahem* PLAYFUL ones.

In fact, some of them were VERY PLAYFUL.

And these were the MOST PLAYFUL ones.

Last but not least.


Watch how playful they are.