Pun of the day:
After the face-changing master dropped his mask, he quickly did some funny stunt to save face.

Sichuan Trip Day 6

We left beautiful Jiu Zhai Gou.

And took a domestic flight back to Chengdu.

Our first stop was the Dujiangyan irrigation system.

The irrigation system was built more than 2,200 years ago when the city was threatened by frequent floods caused by the flooding of Minjiang River.

The place wasn’t very interesting la, but i was fascinated by the little stone statues there. They reminded me of Spirited Away.

Even the dustbins were cute statues.

Kids adore the statues.

Then we visited a temple to bai bai, blah blah blah… Usual stuff.

After that, we walked across a hanging bridge called the “Husband and Wife” bridge. They say that if you walk across this bridge hand-in-hand with your spouse, you will live happily ever after blah blah yea right shit.

I hated it. It was swinging like crazy and it was so scary! >__<

*mantains balance and composure*

But still needed to pose properly for photos la. Wahaha.
Then we saw something…

Runaway bride? 0_o

Oh. There was a wedding photoshoot in session.

I had my photo taken with one of the cute brides. ^_^

At night, we went to Qing Ming street.

We watched the famous Sichuan Face-Changing performance.

They served chinese tea with kuaci. So old-school! 😀

Some little video recordings for you.

Whoa one face master damn geng, he could go down stage and change face right in front of your face. Lucky his face-changing skill was perfect. if not really lose face la.