Pun of the day:
Waterfollow-up to my previous Jiu Zhai Gou entries, eh?

If you think the pictures you saw in the previous Jiu Zhai Gou installment were so-beautiful-can-die, wait until you see the following pictures i found on the internet.

The multi-color pond

Mirror lake

(A simple Google search will lead you to all these pictures)

It seems that i’m a lousy photographer. 🙁

This is what i took.

And this is what i found in someone else’s gallery.

Same scene but so much difference!

It’s not entirely my fault la. Apparently, we were there during a season when the scenery doesn’t look its best. This year’s summer was extra long. When we reached there, the leaves just barely turned pale yellow. Jiu Zhai Gou is at its most beautiful during mid/late autumn. Which is about now.

However, my advice is, don’t go to Jiu Zhai Gou during its peak season even though it is at its most gorgeous. Because you’ll spend more time lamenting the crazy crowds than marveling at all the glorious sights.

So many people waiting to sqeeze into a bus!

Anyway, even if i’m a lousy photographer, i’m sort of proud of what i have in my 6GB collection of pictures.

Mom deserves most of the credit for my vain photos.

But i took some really gorgeous photos too.

Look, an apple on the water!

I bluff only la. The scenery is so awesome that you don’t actually need any experience in photography to take decent pictures.

We took a bus to visit the very very magnificent waterfall.

It’s the same waterfall you saw in the blockbuster movie HERO.

And don’t think it’s very easy to shoot a waterfall lor, especially THIS one.

Because you see hor…

Got people kakacaocao liddat everyfreakingwhere you ask me how to shoot leh! Therefore, as i’ve mentioned earlier, don’t go there during the peak season! You’ll regret oni sial.

Really not easy wei. The tour guide kept on shouting “Faster! Faster! Keep walking!” and everyone was pushing each other in search of good vantage points to take photos.

Warao. You need to be damn FAST AND FURIOUS STEADY.


But i understand their feeling though. Not everyone will have the chance to visit this breathtaking place more than once – therefore the first (and maybe final) visit is really a time to take in as much as you can.

I managed to take a few shots which do not contain any index or middle fingers.

Taken with fast shutter speed.

Taken with slow shutter speed. But someone’s head is there – potong steam!

See, got proof one, dun pray pray!

Nice anot? I think it’s quite nice la 😀

Must be in the picture to show that this is not some illustration taken from some storybook. 😀

Anyway, check out someone else’s shot taken during the most beautiful season.

A bit kuacheong right, dunno real or not one.

Winter adds a different flavor to the waters. Say, popsicle flavor.

A little video for you.

I’m very in love with Jiu Zhai Gou.

I’m gonna end my Jiu Zhai Gou Cheesecapade with one of my personal favorites.

Saved the best for last!