Pun of the day:
I never imagined i would stumble a pond such a breathtaking paradise. Lake’s like it’s my fairy lucky day!

Day 4—Fairy Pond
Warning: XL size pictures. Can’t help it. The scenery was too beautiful.
This valley is a grand masterpiece of nature; with dreamlike scenery akin to a fairyland, and natural resources in rich abundance.

Ancient Chinese legend has it that the goddess Semo accidentally smashed her mirror here, and the pieces fell down the mountain to form beautiful lakes, streams and waterfalls.

Another long and winding journey, just for that breath of purity in Jiu Zhai Gou.

I could berry contain my excitement.

Pretty flowers of all shapes and colors!

I want to embrace all of the omnipresent beauty in this paradise!

I was bathed in nature’s warm glow.

Namu Ensun Tso” in local Tibetan dialect means “the lake of bathing fairies”. In fact, there is more than one pond in that particular reserved area.

We had to ascend damn many staircases to view all of the fairy-like ponds.

There were people offering sedan chair rides, but they cost a bomb!


But bo bian lo, if you damn tired but still wanna take a look. Tak kan go all the way there then don’t see anything right. That’s how they make money la.

And one of the guys told us that they carried this dude called Tun Mahathir three months ago.

-_- Enjoynya.

Mommy enjoyed la. While i had to climb like siao. >__<
Our first stop was the Curtain Cascade.

Small water drops spraying like a curtain from the Gold and Silver Spill.
Next up was the Holy Spring.

Waa i tell you, the spring water really tasted sweet!

Jasper Lake

It reflects different colors from different angles!

Never have I seen something so amazing in my life before. It looked like a real swimming pool. No, i mean fake swimming pool. Urgh. Whatever.

And suddenly i felt like a pixie cheexie in Neverland. Bestow me that pair of wings!
Lake Magic Frog

The worst things that could ever happen to you in Jiu Zhai Gou are:
1) Your memory card runs out of space.
2) Your camera battery dies on you.

But i was too well-prepared. I brought two cameras with a spare battery for each of them, and countless memory cards.

Just so that you all can feast your eyes on these…

A parallel turquoise universe reflected on the surface of the clear water.

A truly wonderful portrait of lush greens.

Shallow turquoise waters, so serene and inviting.

Rich green hues from the hill paint such a striking composition on the lake below.

Pristine nature at its finest and most inviting.

Now you have seen just a part of Jiu Zhai Gou’s most beautiful scenery. Believe it or not, there’s still much more to come! So hold on tight! 😀
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