Pun of the day:
Dijon vu – I think I’ve tasted this mustard before.

Warning: Mustard Overdose

I mustard been siao. The other day i bought a yellow top from ZARA, just because the prints match my chocolate pants.
Then out of the yellow, I see yellow everycheesingwhere!

Ching wanted to belanja her besties makan cuz she just got her first paycheque. We decided to go Korean. When i saw her, WHOA, she was also in yellow. What telepacheese! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

So we went to the Korean restaurant.

The table was yellow.

The food was yummy yellow.

259786459_10534dd639 by you.

Our fav fav fav fav KIMCHI FRIED RICE!!!666

259786457_096a8fc4e1 by you.

259786456_3f1efdca40 by you.

259786455_3862f25ebb by you.

259786452_f86bc51da2 by you.

Even the dessert…

259787128_a1e382c999 by you.


259787126_f1160ce046 by you.

So matching can die.

Oh yea, the walls were yellow.

259787124_b4d2c1cf34 by you.

The decor was yellow too!

Even… even….

The toilet was yellow! Oh yea and seems like the only color that could match mustard yellow is navy blue. Why ah?

259785711_e073ed519f by you.

We even camwhored inside the toilet.

It mustard been fate that almost everything matched my outfit that day. null
See?! Even the smiley too!

I tell you hor, not only was the restaurant yellow.

Lately, many fashion brands seem to have jumped into a pool of mustard.

Topshop, ZARA, Miss Selfridge….

Why mustard be yellow?!? Mustard yellow very nice meh?

No cheese has that kind of shade, and as Xiaxue puts it, it looks like baby’s diarrhoea; not to mention it only looks good on hotdogs.

Plus, only TRANSVESTITES wear it.

What a blatant typo wei. But a pretty one shim is.

So much mustard yellow! Cannot tahan! I mustardmit, it’s getting a bit freaky.

Ok lor. I think i’ll just give in, and try to ketchup with the mustard trend.

So Ching and i went mustard shopping.

Warning: Pointless Mustardy photos aplenty

259787863_3136462a9b by you.

259787862_ff1dd51bb3 by you.

mustard1 by you.

259787860_e3f3bb4850 by you.

Oh. And since Navy Blue is Mustard Yellowโ€™s bestie.

I also wanna make a statement…

259807999_feaaefa581 by you.
259854937_2497365c49 by you.
259836695_9f0aef347e by you.

Ehehe. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

259787869_bd9ac758b2 by you.

259787866_24c987e16a by you.

259787133_0972d80a75 by you.

Which is your fav mustard outfit?

Mine is THIS: