Pun of the day:
Some make-up artists like to draw inspiration from my face, but sometimes they go overpaintboard.

Happy Happy. Photos of fashion show again!

Melvin Hee is someone i got to know recently. A young fashion designer with great talent. He owns a lovely little boutique in Seremban and designs super gorgeous gowns.

I’m sooooooo in love with Melvin………………………..’s designs. 😀 😀 😀

My face was turned into a canvas to be painted on again. I prefer simple make-up any day. -_-

272300342_e4b9b23c03 by you.

272300347_25903acdaf by you.

272300352_4475d6df18 by you.
Ken (yea, a girl) had her face painted on too.

And HAIR!!!



But i was excited cuz i had the chance to model Melvin’s greatest masterpiece.

Kancheong wei. 0_o


All ready!

There was this particular singer who performed that night. She’s notoriously known for her attitude, and she has just won a singing competition recently. Because of her triumph in that competition, she’s technically a millionaire now. Oh, and she’s from Seremban too.

Many organizers cringe whenever her name (which i’m not gonna reveal) is mentioned, because her attitude is as kcufed up as my web server. She suki suki datang, tak suki tak datang. Not to mention super demanding too. Been like that even before she became famous. Nobody even wanted to take pictures with her backstage.

There’s no denying it though – she’s prolly the best singer in Seremban la.


Sports Wear

MeLv’s Collection

Dynasty Gold


Peach Plum


Praying Mantis

Greenish Stone

Ah Ken’s hairstyle damn kua cheong. Like Syndrome.

Initially they wanted to put lightbulbs on her hair but they were afraid that she would become liddis:


So they put fluorescent sticks instead -_-.

Waa it wasn’t easy to walk in my gown lor. There were these…’extensions’ which were thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis long:



It’s called the White Pearl with Heart

272315579_6210f9dff0 by you.

272315611_3ab22aef44 by you.

272315618_da3f3253ec by you.

272320063_92f1fee4c2 by you.

The hero behind the designs… Mel is a V-ner with his fantastic designs!

272320076_fabdb63a89 by you.

Post-Show camwhoring.

272300354_0e10276a6a by you.

272315574_578bc00303 by you.

272320066_ea714ce6a1 by you.

272320071_30087fef9a by you.

All of Melvin’s designs shown above are available – their price range is RM300-RM500. If you’re interested to purchase them, or if you wanna know the exact prices, pleasecheeseme@gmail.com. Of course, i get to be the first one to choose! 😀

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