……minus one.

Don’t even know why i was selected with the dash-underscore-dashy photo.


I’m one of those people who absolutely detests all this SMS voting crap. Let’s face it la, who will be so bo liao to vote for the contestants of some dodgy reality shows, except the contestants’ own family and friends? You think no need money ah? One sms costs 50 freaking cents ok. Instead of sending one SMS vote, you can add an extra slice of cheddar to your McEgg. Imagine how many slices of cheddar you could get if you refrain from sending 100 SMS votes!!!666

Siao. Too much money is it?

Dunno how Suki won the competition really.

“Should your nominee win the Favourite Gorgeous Man And Favourite Gorgeous Woman awards  (based on the most votes and the most creative entries,) you could win a Samsung Ultra Edition 6.9 (SGH-X820) worth RM1,099.”


No need la. Go to kennysia.com and type a few lines and you stand a better chance to win an LG White Chocolate. No need to waste money summore.

So i’m not gonna ask anyone to vote for me, because i won’t even vote for myself.

Having said that, I’d like to thank *someone-who-wants-to-remain-anonymous* for nominating me.

Now i’m gonna see if i can find some ways to digitally enhance my picture. 😀

Anyway, Wardrobe’s final bidding closed tonight 11.59PM. Go secure your favorite items now! 😀

Oh yea. Not forgetting the PODT:

Pun of the day:
SMS voting is all just a con-test, as reality shows.