Pun of the day:
She wanted to dress up as a servant to the costume party, so a fitting ensemble was maid to order.

Halloween is just around the corner!

You used to wonder where you can buy Cheesie’s fancy costumes. Well, wonder and wait no more, because Cheesie is selling her costumes now!

I wanna buy more costumes, but mom said i must get rid of my old ones first… 🙁

I bought them all from Taipei last year. They’re all in mint condition; i only wore them once for my photoshoot.

French Maid

Left: Japanese Sailor

Elegant Gothic Lolita

Anyone care to take care of my costumes? You can wear them this coming Halloween, or wear them on your school’s costume party. Heck, you can even wear it in… to surprise your… you know, the ceiling is the limit. null

I’ll set up a separate page for my items soon, with more details such as prices and descriptions. Well, if you are interested, you can drop me a mail first. 🙂