Pun of the day:
I love to be showered in serainity when i go to sleep.


It’s been raining every night here.

I love it. :]


There are some people who prefer the solitude of silence and darkness when they lay themselves to sleep.
The only lullaby which can accompany them on their journey is the soothing sound of raindrops falling.
They fear distractions.
They dread rude awakenings.


I do know someone who can only fall asleep by being immersed in the liveliness of noise.
A jarring cacophony of sounds is needed to escort that someone to the land of dreams.
“I need to feel that there’re people around me”.
Perhaps, you’re just as insecure as i am.


When is the loneliest time of a day?
The moment the lights are turned off, and you’re waiting to be transported to your dreams.
Looking at all the discernible silhouettes in your room, you wait for your night ship in the darkness.


As a loner,
Even when you lie in somebody’s arms, you’ll still feel lonely.
Because that person will eventually fall asleep before you.
You will just watch quietly,
Staying still to avoid waking that person up.


I love it when the symphony of rain plays throughout the whole night.
Its soothing rhythm will fill the night sky even after i’m fast asleep.
Only the falling rain watches over me as i sleep.