Pun of the day:
I really tried to punda post, but i think i’ve used up all the relevant panda puns.

Guess where are we going today?

Panda Watching! 😀 😀 😀

I went to see the pandas in the biggest panda base in Sichuan, for the first time in my life!

Now i can really be one smart panda after learning more about their ways!

So happy!

Warning: Beware of Pandamic

Suddenly everything was so pandaful

Panda bags, panda slippers, panda toys, panda key chains, panda hats, PANDA EVERYTHING!!!

omc so cute can melt!

I bought some panda softies…

And a panda hat!

Wahaha looks like i’m breastfeeding the panda…

Ok la enough of fake pandas… Let’s see the real ones!

They say that pandas used to be carnivores a long long time ago. However, they were too stupid and clumsy to hunt for food. Therefore, a lot of them starved to death. In the end, they had no choice but to eat bamboos in order to survive.

They were not as cute as i thought! You might have thought that pandas are black and white hor, but they are more like black and beige.

And do you know how much you have to pay just to take a pic with the panda? Four freaking hundred Reminbi! And that’s only for standing beside the panda without touching it. What if you wanna hug the panda for an intimate close-up? Be prepared to fork out RMB1200.

Cheez. I also wanna be a panda.

Wait… I already am. At least i have their eyes.

So only can take pictures liddis far far away lor. 🙁

The tour guide said we were very very lucky that day, because pandas are normally super lazy. They would just sit there dong dong or sleep kao kao.


We saw very very naughty pandas having a little drama!

After that we went to see the red pandas. Cheez, they look so much like racoons.

OMC the way they look at you, really can make you go leh!

Then we went to see…

Newborn baby pandas!

Apparently we were super duper mega lucky!

Two pandas were brought to this world just days before our visit, and we had the chance to visit them at the nursery!!!666

Warao the way they nursed the baby pandas was just like the way they nurse human babies!

Flash photography was not allowed in the nursery, but some tourists still flashed like hell. Kesian the babies.

And if you think baby pandas are damn-cute-can-melt like this–>


I find them a bit geli. 0_o

I think they look more like Kodama from Princess Mononoke.

Watch how playful the pandas were.

And how they cleaned baby panda’s poo poo.

Must Watch!