Pun of the day:
These doggies ain’t poochovers, as evident from their dogged standpoints.


So i decided to eavesdrop on four male doggies, Alsensation, Bull Terror, Cheesehaha and Dullmation who were having a macho night outside my house ranting about girls.

Alsensation: Haih… So hard to get a real girlfriend nowadays.

Bull Terror: Why la. I thought you’re dating some hot chix.

Alsensation: I *was*. They are all lookers… but at the end of the day, they’re just hypocrites who are only after your money. Nothing is real in them. Man, even their tails are fake.

Cheesehaha: Cheez, that sucks.

Alsensation: I know. Wish there’s someone out there who’s truly genuine and doesn’t pretend to be who she is not.

Bull Terror: Meh. I don’t give a damn, really. As long as she’s hot, ya hear me? HOT! I don’t even care if he or she or shim or it is a tranny.

Cheesehaha: You’re sick.

Bull Terror: Look who’s talking. I mean, stalking. Who’s the one who stalk this whatever girl who’s obsessed with cheese? Man, how lame can she get? Mind you, she prolly keeps voodoo dolls at home.

Cheesehaha: But i really love her. 🙁 Plus… she’s a real cookie. And genuine too. She’s all perfect except that she doesn’t realize my existence.

Alsensation: Girls suck. My friend Shitzoo is prolly the luckiest dog in the world. He has this girlfriend who’s docile like a rabbit and obeys every single shit he says. She cleans his earwax everyday. WTF lucky bastard.

Cheesehaha: Aiks i know that dude. But you know what he says about her? Boring like roti kosong! Zero sense of humor! He’s hinted that he’s dropping her for someone he just met who tickles his funnybones. Oh yea. She cleans his earwax too.

Bull Terror: C’mon la. Where got such perfect chick in the world. Let’s bottoms up! Get boozy woozy, just bring someone home and… muahaha. That’s life, man.

Alsensation: *sighs* Bull, you’re just like Shitzoo. You guys full of bullshit la.

Bull Terror: Stop making fun of our names!

Cheesehaha: Why do we dogs have to suffer like this? We have to rise above this crap. What is “dog” spelt backwards? WE’RE SUPPOSED TO BE GOD!


At this point, I couldn’t help but wonder… How would each of their perfect girls be like?


Perfect candidate for Bull Terror who wants a Hot, Hot Doggie


Perfect candidate for Alsensation who wants a hot AND GENUINE chick.


Perfect candidate for Cheesehaha who wants someone hot, genuine and obsessed with cheese.


Perfect candidate for Shitzoo who wants someone docile, but with a sense of humor.


Bull Terror: Woi! Dull, you’ve been quiet. What’s wrong?
Dullmation: Ummm….
Alsensation: Ya la! Tell us about your type!
Dullmation: Nothing interesting… The only problem is… I only happen to fall for bitches.
Bull Terror: OF COURSE LA! YOU’RE NOT GAY! Ah dong!

Pardon me. Like i said, i’m feeling super bo liao. -_-