I went snex-shopping again. Time to re-stock!

Yummy cookie sandwiches, enriched with Omega 3 and 6. Sounds great. Good for my nails.

And take a closer look.

Burst of flavor–Chicken and Mint?!?


What kind of sick cookies are chicken-flavored? As if that’s not bad enough, they also wanna make the chicken taste like toothpaste!

Might as well called it “Teeth-brushing-Chicken Flavored”.


All these might still sound interesting to gastronomic adventurers until they see…

Cheesus Crust. They’re not for human consumption.



Yeah. Pets nowadays are spoilt until chao da.

Look at how luxurious their food is.

Ho mia kitty, eat Italian every day.

Cats eat Ravioli! Different flavors summore!


OMFC, look at this.


Not only that. Scientists have come up with different food therapies for pets that are spoilt.


Some cats are so spoilt they become foul-mouthed. They need this.


Some puppies are so spoilt they start harelucinating that they are cute mutated bunnies. They need this.



The most interesting of all gastronomic indulgences for pets has to be this:

1. They are made of chicken meat.
2. They are made of not fake, but real chicken meat.
3. They are made of not fake, but real chicken meat, and it is beef flavored.
4. They are made of not fake, but real chicken meat, and they are beef-flavored, and they are also called HOT DOGS!


See. We feed our dogs beef-flavored hot dogs that are actually made of REAL, not fake chicken meat.


If any poor dog finds out the truth about the product it is consuming, it will be more confused than Confucius. I hope that someone will invent a cure for Mad Dog Disease.


Pun of the day:
I wonder if this kind of luxurious pet food is too rich for the animals to stomach. Their appetites might be spoilt.