Pun of the day:
I feel the Christmas blues…


Last week i was feeling the blues. My plan to go Taipei for Xmas didn’t materialize because i am so very very busy can die. Just like the pre-whatever-syndrome, seems like i can develope PXS too. Or Pre Xmas Anxiety.

Anxious about it coming too fast, afraid that it passes too soon, worry about not feeling it, fret the drink-drank-drunk sessions, and fear the Xmas loneliness.

Nevertheless, a shopping trip to The Curve made my day.

I always love The Curve’s Christmas deco. Last year, they had Golden Christmas which i think was the best in town. This year, they didn’t fail me either.

Their choice for this year was for it to be a….. Blue Christmas! Upon seeing this majestic sight, all my Xmas blues were wiped away.

Would have been a good shot but the kid’s hand damn potong steam. -_-


Blue and silver baubled green arches! Very da lomantic!


So pretty!

To coincide with the Blue Christmas theme at The Curve, i’ve decided to do a Blue Christmas theme for my upcoming Wardrobe too…

For this special occasion, i invited Ivene to come over for a photoshoot and to be my model.


Now go go go.. to my Wardrobe! 😀 😀